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Data Requests
Hugo P.
Company Data in Vietnam for Credit Risk Mgmt.
Doris H.
ML Engineer
Image Data in Spain for Neural Network Training
Mark J.
Sr. Marketer
Consumer Data in USA for Audience Targeting
Albert S.
Data Scientist
Sensor Data in UK for Anomaly Detection
Fran O.
Sales Ops
Weather Data in France for Demand Forecasting
Helen T.
Head of Talent
Salary Data in Brasil for Talent Recruiting

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Our system automatically matches you with relevant data requests from Data Hunters and enables you to submit data proposals at ease.

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Once your proposals are successfully evaluated by Data Hunters, you can directly negotiate and sign data contracts with them.

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Leverage Datarade’s platform to communicate and collaborate with clients in a central location and build mutually trusted relationships.

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We only charge a referral fee if you close a deal with a client we've introduced to you.