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What is Esports Data and how to use it?

What is Esports Data and how to use it?

Hi there.

This is Ekku from Datarade.

Welcome to data explained. Today we're going to talk about Esports data. 

During the recent years the whole industry of Esports has undergone a major increase in popularity. There are literally hundreds of millions of people out there who are watching games and tournament's in the online space.

All of the games the players and the viewers of the games are creating masses massive amounts of data that can be used for various use cases. During this video you will learn what Esports data is, how it's being collected, where it's being collected from, and how you can use it in your business.

So what is it? Within a singular video game we're able to pull out information on:

  • Match results. 
  • Player performance statistics 
  • In play events that happen during the matches.

In addition to that, we can also get information about the Esports market in terms of engagement patterns and usage statistics.

How is all of this information being collected, technically?

In the sports industry, there are two major sources of raw data. The players themselves, as well as the viewers watching the games. 

Game related data such as player and game statistics can be downloaded directly from the game servers themselves.

Market knowledge on viewership and engagement patterns is usually being acquired through SDK’s that are being implemented in the software products the viewers are using.

Now, there are some market research companies that are still sending out surveys to customers to collect the same information. 

With all of this data, who uses it?

First of all, betting sites betting sites use this information in real time and historical formats to better predict the game results of their upcoming and ongoing games.

Game producers willing to understand the market demand better can use market insights to create better games and products for their users.

Marketing teams are highly interested in the audience of Esports. They want to know what the audience wants and how can they deliver that to them. 

For anyone willing to use Esports data in their operations there are four major topics to take it under consideration in terms of data quality.


Can the dataset enable you to understand the games the genres and all the geographical locations that you're interested in.


How often does the data provider update their database? Can they provide you with a real time API that you're looking for?


Can the data set be integrated directly into your business systems that you're currently using, and how painful does that process look like?


You want to be able to trust your data set. In this, I would suggest that you ask for your data provider to give you a sample set that you can use to benchmark, see and discover whether that data can actually deliver you with the results that you're looking for.

P.S. If case you have a business case you are looking to solve with Esports data , you can find suitable datasets here. The platform allows you to browse, and compare data vendors and their data sets.

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