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Slintel Joins Datarade To Bring Technographics-Driven Intent Data To Global B2B Market

Slintel Joins Datarade To Bring Technographics-Driven Intent Data To Global B2B Market

Mountain View, California / Berlin, Germany. May 5, 2021 - Slintel, the leader in capturing technographics-powered buying intent data, has joined Datarade, the fastest-growing data marketplace. Datarade’s tens of thousands of data buyers from every industry can now effortlessly discover, compare, and get access to Slintel’s data products.

Slintel helps companies uncover active, high-intent buyers in their target markets from its proprietary database of 239M leads. To do so, Slintel evaluates over 100 billion data points and analyzes factors such as buyer journeys, technology adoption patterns, and other digital footprints to deliver market and sales intelligence. Slintel’s data offering spans the US, LATAM, EMEA and APAC regions, and includes:

  • Technographics data. Slintel tracks over 25,000 unique technologies, including customer adoption and deletions, contract renewal dates, and confidence scores for each technology. Slintel users can use this data to find the technology stack of their prospects and identify opportunities where their product or service may fit. 
  • Firmographics data. Slintel collects and maintains information of over 55 attributes for more than 15 million companies across the globe. This includes company size, technologies they use, technologies they have dropped, and keywords they have mentioned.
  • B2B contact data. Slintel's customers have access to the buying patterns and contact information of more than 239 million decision-makers across the world.
  • Buyer intent scores. Using data from 15+ sources that includes technographics, firmographics, profile insights, and signals including contract renewal timelines, Slintel’s proprietary buying intent score helps B2B marketing and sales teams discover and connect with relevant, high-intent leads in target markets.

Datarade is a unique platform: it was a no brainer for Slintel to join Datarade and promote our data offerings. Like Datarade, we also believe that data is essential to solve today’s toughest challenges. Yet it’s surprising how few data platforms focus on equipping sales and marketing teams with the means to make the best of it. 
Slintel’s mission is to make it easy for B2B sellers and buyers to discover their best fit and value without the hassle of manual operations. We hope that our partnership with Datarade will bring us closer to achieving our mission and democratizing data for businesses.
Rahul Agarwal, Director of Marketing, Slintel.

Sales and marketing teams use Slintel’s datasets to identify high-intent buyers and obtain curated sales insights for ABM. Slintel’s B2B datasets mean that all relevant account information—company, contact, hiring, technology, keyword, and intent data—is available in one place. Slintel’s new Insta Reveal technology provides B2B contact data in the form of verified emails and phone numbers. Insta Reveal is delivered in real-time and connects to multiple sources, leading to an average 35% decrease in research time. Similarly, Slintel’s Chrome Extension, the Lead Finder, allows businesses to unearth contact and company information on the go. Leads Finder enables users to look up contacts and companies on LinkedIn or any website, on the fly. By using Slintel’s data, B2B marketing and sales teams see an average daily decrease of 4 hours in lead research time, a 3x increase in response rate, and 60% more prospect meetings eventually booked.

Working with Slintel is super for Datarade. Slintel’s products are driving amazing KPIs for clients who come to Datarade’s marketplace for B2B intent data. Slintel is leading the industry when it comes to providing quality technographic insights, and demand for this data is only increasing.
By working together, we’re providing this in-demand data to B2B marketing and sales teams at global companies. We’re proud to have Slintel’s data products on Datarade’s marketplace, and I’m excited to see our companies’ strategic partnership grow. 
 Richard Hoffmann, Co-Founder & CCO, Datarade.

Slintel uses 15+ different sources to track tech footprints across the internet. These unique sources include web pattern monitoring. To form its datasets, Slintel extracts data from login pages, work history record, testimonials and case studies, new sites, as well as deploying NLP for named entity recognition for extracting patterns from unstructured data. Slintel also monitors company behavior. Sources for these insights include adoption and churn trends, captured over time, allowing users to discover companies that recently started or stopped using a tool. Work contracts are also used to form Slintel’s datasets. Slintel’s contact intelligence allows users to discover companies that are coming up for renewal with their competitors.

Slintel’s research analysts collect data exclusively from trustworthy sources. They provide confidence scores for each dataset, and all data is also verified manually by the company’s QA team. Slintel’s data is in full compliance with GDPR and CCPA laws and regulations. 

About Slintel

Slintel was founded in 2018 when Deepak Anchala and Rahul Bhattacharya realized that sales organizations needed to reimagine their processes in order to achieve better efficiency and scale faster. Identifying companies using traditional, beaten down parameters such as territory, size, industry or similar companies is an inefficient undertaking that costs marketing and sales professionals valuable time, resources, and effort. 

Backed by Sequoia Capital, and Accel Partners and based in Mountain View, California, Slintel is one of the fastest-growing companies in the sales and marketing intelligence space. Slintel’s vision is to help B2B sellers and buyers find their best fit and value by increasing transparency and trust in the B2B ecosystem.


Name: Rahul Agarwal, Director of Marketing


Address: Mountain View, California


About Datarade

Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. With a persistent focus on crafting the ultimate data shopping experience, Datarade has helped thousands of data buyers find the right data for their business, effortlessly. More than 2,000 data providers across 300+ data categories are already listed on Datarade, enabling organizations across industries to connect with trusted providers and access the best datasets and APIs. Datarade was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


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