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Predicio joins Datarade to bring privacy-compliant mobile location data to the global data marketplace

Predicio joins Datarade to bring privacy-compliant mobile location data to the global data marketplace

Paris, France / Berlin, Germany. Oct. 15, 2020 - Mobile location intelligence provider Predicio has joined Datarade, the fastest-growing global e-commerce platform for commercial datasets. Datarade’s tens of thousands of data buyers from every industry can now effortlessly discover, compare, and get access to Predicio's data products.

Predicio specializes in mobile location data as a service. The company provides precise and accurate datasets on mobile users’ journeys in the real world. The Parisian startup offers high-quality, privacy-compliant datasets in over 50 different countries. Predicio has the most comprehensive data panel, spanning across the US, EU, LATAM and APAC regions and a total of approximately 320 million monthly active users worldwide. 

“Predicio’s mission is to become the leading location data provider in Europe. Joining a prominent EU-based data marketplace like Datarade enables us to connect with more data buyers in a fast and transparent manner. The connections we’ve made through the platform have allowed us to work directly with some of the most successful data-driven companies in the world. We’ve enabled them to utilize location data efficiently and sustainably to further accelerate their growth and success in a privacy-compliant manner. We look forward to further partnership with Datarade and encouraging more businesses to leverage the power of location data.” - Adam Ejsmont, VP of Business Development at Predicio.

The company sources its opt-in, GDPR-compliant data directly through its first-party SDK integration with mobile apps. Predicio’s data is applicable to a large variety of industries, including AdTech, Proptech, Retail, Management Consulting, Financial Services, and much more. Predicio’s data can be used by all businesses interested in foot traffic analysis. Use cases of Predicio’s data offerings include mobility data, footfall attribution and measurement, audience segmentation, and campaign measurement. 

“We’re thrilled to have Predicio onboard our global data commerce platform. Both Datarade and Predicio are EU-based companies and understand the importance of data privacy in the European market. Datarade values having a strong provider of GDPR-compliant location data like Predicio as a partner. Predicio’s user behavior intelligence and mobile location data products are industry-leading, and the company is meeting a rapidly increasing demand for location-based datasets and APIs.” - Richard Hoffmann, Co-Founder and CCO of Datarade.

Predicio is certified by IAB France and is a member of the Location-Based Marketing association. The company is trusted by a number of partners across multiple industries with the highest concentration in AdTech and Media. When it comes to user privacy, Predicio has developed its own consent management platform to ensure that the data collected is compliant with GDPR and CCPA standards. The company’s data collection methods are compliant by design, where the data is consented by the end user and is managed in a transparent manner. 

About Predicio

The Parisian startup Predicio was founded in 2018 with a mission to help companies find alternative datasets which allow them to better understand the behavior of mobile users in the real world. The company provides privacy-compliant mobile location intelligence for data-driven businesses. Predicio is on a mission to help businesses leverage alternative data outside of the global data monopolies. The aim is to provide an alternative source of data that is inherently transparent, reliable, and sustainable. The company envisions a world that is entirely data-driven, fueling companies of all sizes, from all types of industries with the right insights to grow and prosper through innovative uses of ethically-sourced data.


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Phone: +33 6 76 17 98 92

Address: Paris, France


About Datarade

Datarade is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform for data. With a persistent focus on crafting the ultimate data shopping experience, Datarade has helped thousands of data buyers find the right data for their business, effortlessly. More than 2,000 data providers across 300+ data categories are already listed on Datarade, enabling organizations across industries to connect with trusted providers and access the best datasets and APIs. Datarade was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


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