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ListKit Partners with Datarade to Bring Hyper-Personalised B2B Data to Global Network

ListKit Partners with Datarade to Bring Hyper-Personalised B2B Data to Global Network

Binghamton, New York / Berlin, Germany. October 26th, 2021 - ListKit, the company that takes the hassle out of B2B prospecting, has joined Datarade, the #1 data commerce cloud. Datarade’s tens of thousands of data buyers from every industry can now effortlessly discover, compare, and purchase ListKit’s data products on Datarade.

ListKit specializes in up-to-date B2B contact data from any industry, with access to millions of records worldwide. Used for outbound prospecting and recruiting, they primarily serve digital agency owners and sales teams. Their data lists give clients a substantial boost in reply rates when sending cold emails and LinkedIn messages. Examples of these available on Datarade include:

“We were motivated to join Datarade because of the exposure it provided our company, getting us in touch with people who need our services and will be great long term customers. The team at Datarade has also done a great job getting us set up on the platform and providing us opportunities early on. We also loved how low-barrier it was to get signed up on the platform. We see a lot of opportunity with Datarade as a partner, as we’ve already been put in touch with a handful of companies that are interested in what we offer that could become significant enterprise accounts for us as we grow.”

                                                              Christian Bonnier, Creative Director, ListKit

Boasting more five star reviews than you can count on both hands on their website, ListKit ticks every box - quality, hyper-personalised data, great formatting, speedy delivery, reliable backups, attentive customer service...the list goes on. And now that we’ve partnered with them, you can access all they have to offer faster than ever.

As always, our buyers can be reassured that only the most secure data is listed on Datarade. All of ListKit’s data is publicly available and compliant with privacy laws e.g. GDPR. In addition, if requested, they are happy to disclose contact sources.

“ListKit shares a key value of ours here at Datarade - making things easier for our clients - so our new partnership is a natural fit. Their quality data will be of high value to many of Datarade’s buyers, and we’re excited to welcome them and watch both of our companies strengthen!”

                                                           Richard Hoffmann, Co-Founder & CCO, Datarade

About ListKit

ListKit was founded in July 2021 with one mission in mind: to help agencies and businesses save hours of time on the list building process for outbound prospecting. They are based out of Upstate New York, but are fully remote. Their company vision is to redefine what it means to be a data provider and to save our customers time and money on the tedious task of data scraping and list building, and are working hard to become the industry leader in personalized data.


Name:            Christian Bonnier


Phone:           518-424-2994

Address:        Binghamton, New York, United States


About Datarade

Datarade is building the world’s first Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), enabling data providers to drive revenue with a new, omni-channel Data Shopping Experience. Datarade’s platform has helped thousands of data buyers find the right data for their business, effortlessly. More than 2,000 data providers across 500+ data categories are already listed on Datarade, enabling organizations across industries to connect with trusted providers and access the best datasets and APIs. Datarade was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


Name:             Arabella Thomas


Phone:            +49-30-3119-8087

Address:         Brunnenstr. 196, 10119 Berlin, Germany


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