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Intellizence Partners With Datarade to Tap into Global Demand for Company & Industry Signal Data

Intellizence Partners With Datarade to Tap into Global Demand for Company & Industry Signal Data

Toronto, Canada / Berlin, Germany. June 22, 2021 - Intellizence, leading AI platform providing company and industry signals, has joined Datarade, the fastest-growing data marketplace. Datarade’s tens of thousands of data buyers from every industry can now effortlessly discover, compare, and purchase Intellizence’s data products.

Intellizence Signals-as-as-Service platform is focused on monitoring signals like management changes, product launches, cost-cutting in companies and industries. The company monitors signals in public as well as private companies across industries in the United States and Canada. Intellizence currently offers the following data products via Datarade:


Soon to launch on Intellizence’s data storefront are interesting and unique datasets, including C-Level/Management Changes, Product Launches, Data Breaches, and many more company-related data points. 

“We are excited to partner with Datarade, a fast-growing global data exchange. Joining Datarade has given us the opportunity to address the demand for Intellizence signals data products from data buyers across industries, countries, and verticals. We hope that our partnership with Datarade will bring us closer to achieving our mission: helping customers to discover tomorrow’s opportunities and risks today.”
Sachi Komarasamy, Founder & CEO, Intellizence

Intellizence discovers over a hundred signals from a variety of public sources like news, press releases, regulatory filings, and many more. The signals are curated by the company’s proprietary AI platform, powered by cutting-edge Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies, and verified by human analysts for high signal relevance and accuracy. The signals are offered through various delivery channels – API, web platform, email alerts, Slack, and CRM integration. 


“Intellizence’s data products make a great addition to Datarade’s data marketplace. The various use cases for Intellizence’s company and industry insights are perfect examples of external data in action. This partnership will mean that data buyers worldwide can access the intelligence they need for risk management and strategic development. Welcome onboard, Intellizence!”
 Richard Hoffmann, Co-Founder & CCO, Datarade

Intellizence’s customers range from global financial services firms to fast-growing technology platforms. Global enterprises use the Intelligence platform for a variety of intelligence applications - customer intelligence, market intelligence, sales intelligence, competitive intelligence, risk intelligence, and partner intelligence. Intellizence also powers leading technology platforms like CRM, Customer Success, ABM, Market Intelligence with signals for companies tracked in their platforms. 

About Intellizence

Intellizence, Inc is an award-winning AI Startup focused on Company and Industry Intelligence. Intellizence helps customers to make better strategic & tactical decisions by delivering timely and relevant intelligence about their customers, competitors, prospects, partners, suppliers, and regulators. Intellizence headquarters is in Toronto, Canada, and has offices in the US and India.


Name: Bipin Lakhani, VP, Business Development


Phone: +1 647 286 4824 

Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 


About Datarade

Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. With a persistent focus on crafting the ultimate data shopping experience, Datarade has helped thousands of data buyers find the right data for their business, effortlessly. More than 2,000 data providers across 500+ data categories are already listed on Datarade, enabling organizations across industries to connect with trusted providers and access the best datasets and APIs. Datarade was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


Name: Lucy Kelly


Phone: +49-30-3119-8087

Address: Brunnenstr. 196, 10119 Berlin, Germany


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