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Datarade Launches the Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC)

Datarade Launches the Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC)

Datarade has launched the Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC), a B2B SaaS platform designed to make data commerce easy. In response to increasing complexity in the data market, DCC empowers Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) companies to scale their data business across the globe, with ease. The launch of DCC marks a new category of software: the data commerce platform.

DCC applies concepts from e-commerce to the data industry so that data providers can build an omni-channel data shopping experience for their customers. New data marketplaces and exchanges are appearing daily. With DCC, providers only need to setup their storefront once to then appear across these multiple channels in just one click. DCC customers receive all leads and orders in one central inbox. Instead of negotiating and integrating with each channel individually, data providers will use DCC as one platform to "rule them all". This means global sales reach without the complexity and overhead.

"The global market for external data is becoming truly mainstream. Almost every company today is using data for any imaginable use case, from business intelligence to machine learning. No wonder we can see an explosion of data marketplaces, led by key SaaS players to make it easier for users to access external data. With DCC, we're putting a powerful commerce platform in the hands of DaaS companies to reach this global, digital, and dispersed demand across sales channels. It's an amazing product we’ve developed at Datarade and I’m excited to see the value it’ll bring to the industry." - Thani Shamsi, Co-Founder

Unlike other data exchange sites, the DCC allows DaaS companies to list products effortlessly. No data integration or upload is needed. DCC customers are also free to use their existing tools and 3rd party software to deliver data to their buyers. Current sales channels available on the DCC include the data marketplace of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and the Datarade Marketplace, with more channels coming soon.

"Our mission is to make data commerce easy for our data provider customers. I’m proud to launch the DCC because it’s the easiest way for them to sell external data. Datarade’s existing providers are already making the most of the DCC. If you’re a DaaS company, the DCC offers marketing and sales tools you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. It’s a milestone for data commerce - we can’t wait for organizations worldwide to try it." - Richard Hoffmann, Co-Founder

DCC is available with immediate effect for verified DaaS companies via different subscription plans. Plans are suitable for all providers, from new data businesses to established industry players. Subscribers enjoy all the features of Datarade Marketplace, including the Lead Pool of Data Postings, instant sales via Data Shopping, and Lead Referrals. Get a demo and talk to our customer development team today to see how DCC can make data commerce easy for your data business.

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