We power the global trade of data.

The global data market is highly complex and opaque. Our mission is to create more transparency with intelligent technology, enabling Data Hunters and Data Vendors alike to build mutually trusted relationships.

Our Vision

Getting access to external data shouldn’t take months of market research or countless emails and hours of phone calls spent on evaluations, negotiations, and integrations.

In the future, we envision a fully automated matching and connecting of data demand and data supply, freeing up valuable resources to actually put data to work: Fueling smarter business operations, more intelligent products, and predictive sales mechanisms.

Our Story

After working many years in the data industry, we noticed that there’s a disconnect between data buyers and data vendors. While the data market is growing at a rapid pace and becoming increasingly global, there’s an obvious lack of transparency and tools to connect both data demand and data supply.

In 2018, we decided to take matters into our own hands to build a platform that connects data-driven teams with data vendors, creating more transparency and trust in the market.

Meet the team

One Mission. One Team.

Florian Rösler
Co-Founder & CTO
Thani Shamsi
Co-Founder & CEO
Richard Hoffmann
Co-Founder & CCO
Tadej Hribar
Software Engineering
Alexander Dreymann
UI/UX Design
Jonas Suedfels
Business Development
Our Advisors

We’re supported by
data industry veterans

Connor Murphy
Founder of Datahug (sold to Callidus Software, a subsidiary of SAP) and managing director of Techstars Berlin.
Ken Zachmann
20+ years experience in the data industry, former SVP/GM at V12 Data and manager at Oracle Datalogix.
Our Investors