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Data is essential to solving our toughest challenges in business, science, and society. Our Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) enables companies to buy & sell data in the most transparent, trusted, and efficient way - across the globe.

Our Mission

For every business, data has become as important as human capital, financial capital, or natural resources. We call it "Data Capital", an ever-growing asset that should be exchanged fairly to create a comparative advantage. However, while it’s getting easier to get access to open data, finding and buying commercial data has remained notoriously difficult.

Our mission is to democratize access to commercial datasets, making it easier than ever to buy and monetize data. Our powerful Data Commerce Cloud (DCC) helps data providers create delightful data shopping experiences for their prospects and customers.

Our Story

Datarade was founded during a beautiful Berlin summer back in 2018. Previously, our three co-founders Thani, Richard, and Florian had spent their years in engineering and BizDev positions at enterprises and startups including IBM, car2go, zeotap, FinLeap, Audibene, Siemens, and Deutsche Telekom.

From their own experience, our co-founders understood how difficult it is to buy high-quality datasets and to grow a scalable data business. Datarade was created based on a clear goal: to build a platform that creates more transparency, trust and efficiency in the growing global data ecosystem.

Meet the team

One Mission. One Team.

Florian Rösler
Co-Founder & CTO
Thani Shamsi
Co-Founder & CEO
Richard Hoffmann
Co-Founder & CCO
Lucy Kelly
Growth Marketing
Nina Rösler
Finance & Operations
Oliver Sabiniarz
Software Engineering
Caspar Hartmann
Business Development
Dennis Schmidt
Software Engineering
Our Advisors

We’re supported by
data industry veterans

Connor Murphy
Founder of Datahug (sold to Callidus Software, a subsidiary of SAP) and managing director of Techstars Berlin.
Ken Zachmann
20+ years experience in the data industry, former SVP/GM at V12 Data and manager at Oracle Datalogix.
Our Investors