The Data Commerce Platform

Data commerce made easy.

Data is essential to solving our toughest challenges in business, science, and society. Our Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) enables companies to easily exchange data in the most transparent, trusted, and efficient way - across the globe.


What exactly is the Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC)?

The Data Commerce Cloud™ (DCC) is Datarade's take on building an easy-to-use, cloud-based data commerce platform. DCC is used by more than 1,000+ commercial data providers across the globe in order to create delightful, omni-channel data shopping experiences for their customers.

What is a data commerce platform?

A data commerce platform is a software solution that helps companies to source and monetize commercial data. It's similar to existing e-commerce software platforms but specifically tailored to the needs and intricacies of the data ecosystem.

What is data commerce?

Data commerce is the commercial activity of purchasing and selling data products.